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Looking for a property to Rent?

Please fill in the Registration Form and we will notify you when a suitable property becomes available. Alternatively search for a property or see our properties on Rightmove

Viewing a Property

Once you have a shortlist we recommend you drive by and familiarise yourself with the area. If you would like to view any property, please call or email us to arrange. If you are not familiar with the local area, we would be happy to assist you.

Applying for a Property

All applications are dealt with on a first come first served basis. If after viewing you would like to apply for a property we recommend you do so as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. You will need to complete an Application Form as well as providing us with proof of ID, income and address. The application process usually takes approximately one week and is dependent on the speed of third parties providing us with references. There is a fee payable on application which is non-refundable.

Bad Credit Rating/Low Income?

Simply the best policy is be honest with us! Subject to the landlord agreeing if you have a friend or relative is willing to stand as guarantor this is not usually a problem. We will have to carry out a credit check on your guarantor by completing a Guarantor Form We partner with companies who can assist you with debt issues, please talk to us about this.

Calling ALL TENANTS! – Want to earn £50.00 with a single phone call.....?

Simply find your tenancy agreement, call 01636 642850 or CLICK HERE with the name, address and any contact numbers of your current landlord (not your Agent). If your landlord instructs us to manage your property we will send you £50.00, how simple is that?

Landlord Referral Scheme

If you are moving into one of our properties, and you provide us with the name and address of your old landlord (not agent) and we are instructed to manage that property and we subsequently let the property, we will refund your administration fee!

Reduced Deposit Option

We sometimes offer Tenants the option of paying a reduced deposit when you move into one of our properties, please call us to discuss your options as each property may have different options.

Data Protection

You can be rest assured that your personal data is in safe hands we are fully regulated by the Data Protection Act and registered with the Information Commissioners Office.



Compulsory Fees

Application Fee
Processing an application for a property. Identity, immigration and visa confirmation, financial credit checks, obtaining references from current and/or previous employers/landlords and any other relevant information to assess affordability. Contract negotiation (amending and agreeing terms) and arranging the tenancy and agreement.
First Applicant - £156.00
Each Additional Applicant - £156.00
(If married/civil partner/co-habiting for 9+ months £72.00)
Dependant Over 18 Years of Age - £36.00 (if required)
Dependant Under 18 Years of Age - £6.00 (if required)

Guarantor Fee - £72.00 (if required)
If your application requires a guarantor, covering credit referencing, employers references and preparing a Guarantor Deed as part of the Tenancy Agreement.

(Application fees paid are non-refundable in the event the tenant changes their mind or if an application is unsuccessful)

Administration Fee - £120.00

Preparing an inventory and schedule of condition of the property, explaining how appliances function, dealing with any teething issues relating to the move and taking meter readings for utilities and services and passing this onto the relevant provider (each Tenancy).
(You will also be required to pay the first months’ rent along with a security deposit)  

Renewal of Tenancy Agreement (Tenant Share) - £42.00
Contract negotiation, amending and updating terms and arranging a further tenancy and agreement along with any appendices. Identity immigration and visa confirmation (each Tenancy).

Transfer of Tenancy Agreement to Statutory Periodic (per Tenancy) - £24.00
Identity, immigration and visa confirmation and re-issuing prescribed information relating to tenancy deposit (each Tenancy).

Check out Fee - £42.00

Attending the property to undertake an updated schedule of condition based on the original inventory and negotiating the repayment of the security deposit (each Tenancy).

Additional Fees

Amendment of Tenancy Agreement - £42.00
If you ask us to amend your Tenancy and we have to re-negotiate your contract, amend the term and/or update your tenancy agreement during your tenancy and re-issue prescribed information relating to the deposit (each Tenancy).
Re-submission of Deposit - £60.00
Should the lead Tenant (with the DPS) wish to withdraw from a joint tenancy and the deposit is required to be re-paid and re-submitted to the DPS; includes re-issue of prescribed information.
Replacement Keys (each) - £15.00
If you lose a standard key(s)and require a replacement, we will charge you for each replacement and you will have to come to our office to collect. If it is a high security type lock this figure will depend on the manufacturer.NB We reserve the right to charge for changing the locks.

Unscheduled Property Visit - £30.00
If we are unhappy with an inspection or have to discuss an aspect of your tenancy of your making, such as unpaid rent, damage to the property, complaint etc. and we have to make an unscheduled visit to the property (each visit).

Pet Permission - £42.00
If your landlord agrees to your request to have a pet during the course of your tenancy. This is for negotiating on your behalf with your landlord, drawing up the necessary paperwork and re-submitting addition monies into your deposit fund and re-issuing prescribed information (each permission)

Failed or Aborted Appointment - £30.00
If you fail to be present at a pre-arranged appointment with ourselves or one of our contractors. This is a minimum fee dependant on what we are charged by a contractor (each appointment).

Instructing Contractors - £30.00
If we have to arrange for contractors to carry out works to the property which is a result of your actions during your tenancy or after the tenancy has ended. This is in addition to any costs incurred for work carried out (each contractor).

Permitted Occupier Fee - £60.00
Explaining to any permitted occupier who is not included on the tenancy agreement their rights and responsibilities towards the named tenant(s)and the Landlord. Includes the provision of documentary guidance and assistance during the tenancy (each occupier).

Reminder Letter - £18.00
If we have to write a letter to you to remind you about some aspect relating to your tenancy. This can include chasing a late rent payment (each letter).

Out of Hours - £60.00 per hour (plus any costs incurred)
Whilst we do not offer an ‘Out of Hours Service’ but where actions of the tenants result in us, our contractor or your Landlord attending the property out of normal office hours. This includes time spent travelling, time spent to remedy the situation and travel costs.

Failure to Return Key(s) - £quote
If you fail to return keys at the end of the tenancy your Landlord reserves the right to charge for replacing locks. If it is a high security lock this figure may depend on the manufacturer.

Ending your Tenancy Early - £210.00
If you decide to end your tenancy earlier than the expiry date of a fixed term tenancy. In addition, you will have to pay rent until a new tenant takes over the property.

Future Landlord Reference - £36.00
If you ask us to provide you with a reference for a future Landlord. This includes providing a reference verbally, written or in an electronic format and includes gaining written consent from you under new the General Data Protection Regulation 2018.

Returned Rent Payments (each payment) - £24.00
Relating to any payment made for rent that does not clear or is returned (each payment)

Overdue Rent - 3% above BofE
Applied to any rent payments that are outstanding for more than 10 calendar days (daily rate applied)

Why do we charge fees? - There is increasing legislation in the rental sector for the protection of both the Tenant and the Landlord. What may seem a simple exercise takes time to ensure paperwork is done correctly and to current legislation. Most paperwork we generate is as individual as you are.

We don’t double charge - We charge your Landlord for the work we do for him/her eg advertise the property, inspect the property and deal with maintenance etc. We charge you for the things you ask us to do eg re-signing agreements, moving additional people into the property, changes to your tenancy.

We WON’T charge you for putting in place paperwork relating to your pet if you notify us at the start of a new tenancy.

We WON’T force you to re-sign a new agreement if you don’t want to.



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